Ultherapy is a non-surgical facelift technique based on an ultrasound technology called Ulthera.
What does the Ultherapy procedure provide?
 Ultherapy can be used for;
• Lifting the jowl, cheek and neck area,
• Correcting the skin tone,
• Clarifying the chin contour,
• Removing the wrinkles and crow’s feet,
• Lifting the eyebrows and upper eyelids.
How is Ultherapy applied?
In Ultherapy procedure, the skin and the subcutaneous tissue are displayed on the monitor of the device by touching the ultrasound probe to the skin. 
After this process, we create both focused thermal heat sections with an average depth of 3 to 4.5 mm in the layers under the skin and also create controlled heat damages in these sections by using the application head again. 

These heat damages have properties that have positive effects on the skin. In the face lift process with Ultherapy, the surface of the patient's skin is not exposed to any negative effects. During this process, thanks to the energy reaching the skin, stimulation increases, subcutaneous tissues begin to renew themselves, and new collagen formation is provided in the skin. 
A strong tightening effect occurs, resulting in a non-surgical stretching effect over time.
Are the effects of Ultherapy procedures permanent?
The effects of Ultherapy treatment can last up to two years. The regeneration process starts immediately after a single application. A slight stretching effect is seen at first. This is especially prominent in the jawline and neck region. However, the desired result can be seen after 90 days. 
Final results will be obtained after 6 months. The skin gets better every day after the application. After a week, you will feel your skin better. After a month, the effects will become visible. At the end of three months, the desired result begins to appear. After 6 months, you will have the best results.
When can the ultherapy therapy be conducted?
The non-surgical face and neck lift with Ultera is a skin lift method that can be applied smoothly and successfully, even in summer, compared to other skin stretching and tightening applications.


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