Tomography is a radiological technique used to obtain clear X-ray images of internal structures in the body by focusing on specific planes. It allows visualization of obscure structures hidden by surrounding organs and soft tissues. Linear and multidirectional tomography methods were used for specific applications. However, the most widely used and complex form is computed tomography (CT or CAT), which uses X-ray beams and computer processing to create detailed cross-sectional images. CT has revolutionized medical diagnosis.

Tomography is used to capture detailed X-ray images of internal body structures. Tomography provides vital diagnostic information by targeting specific planes. Various methods have been used for specific applications, including linear and omnidirectional tomography. However, computed tomography (CT or CAT) using X-ray rays and computer integration is the most advanced and widely adopted form.

In this article, we will answer the question, “What is tomography?” We will also have a look at Ekol International Hospitals' tomography machines and the expert team. In the final chapter, you can read about the services offered by tomography.


What is Tomography?

Tomography is an advanced imaging technique, also known as a CT (computed tomography) or CAT (computed axial tomography) scan. Tomography provides a comprehensive view of the internal structures of the body. Instead of the flat, 2D images of traditional X-rays, the CT scan captures multiple cross-sectional images as it rotates around the patient, which is important in early diagnosis.

With tomography, the detailed intricacies of bones, muscles, organs, and blood vessels can be discovered, thus going far beyond X-rays. CT scans are important in detecting a variety of injuries and diseases, including certain types of cancer, fractures, heart disease, blood clots, intestinal disorders, kidney stones, brain and spinal cord injuries, and internal bleeding.

Ekol Hospital Tomography Machines

 As Ekol International Hospitals, we are located in Izmir, the third biggest city in the country. We are a certificated and experienced health group that provides healthcare to both Turkish citizens and people from all around the World. We use high technology in medical and cosmetic procedures and our tomography machines are designed and equipped with the newest technology in the healthcare field. 

A tomography procedure at Ekol International Hospital is very safe. Our medical experts and other medical staff are working hard to provide you with the best health care possible with our tomography procedure as well. You will have an easy tomography procedure experience at Ekol International Hospitals. An average tomography session can take about an hour most of that time is for preparation. 

Our Expert Team

Ekol International Hospitals has an experience going back a couple of decades. Our country, Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism, our healthcare group is one of the leading healthcare groups in Turkey. Our specialist tomography teams at Ekol International Hospitals are made up of highly skilled and expert professionals. Equipped with the latest technology, our team ensures successful tomography procedures with extensive training and experience.

Patient safety and comfort are our top priorities and we strictly adhere to the highest quality and hygiene standards. Our team works collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and timely reports, facilitating appropriate treatment planning.

You can rely on our competent tomography team to contribute to better patient outcomes and overall well-being by providing reliable and compassionate care.

Services Offered by Tomography

Also known as CT (computed tomography) or CAT (computerized axial tomography) scanning, tomography plays a very important role in the field of medical imaging. This diagnostic technique uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to create complex images of the body's internal structures, including bones, muscles, organs, and blood vessels.

Unlike traditional X-rays, CT scans allow healthcare professionals to detect tumors, look for internal bleeding, and evaluate a variety of injuries and conditions. CT scans can be performed with or without contrast. This increases the radiologist's chance to identify abnormalities and better understand normal anatomy.

The versatile applications of CT scans allow to assist tissue or fluid biopsies and facilitate pre-operative or treatment preparations. Also, advances in CT technology such as high-resolution CT and helical CT have expanded diagnostic capabilities.

State-of-the-art services offered by Tomography include CT angiography, ultra-fast CT, and integration of PET and CT technologies (PET/CT). These provide significant progress in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and similar diseases.

With continuous innovation and the incorporation of advanced computer software, tomography continues to revolutionize medical diagnosis and provides unparalleled insights into the intricacies of the human body.

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