Tips for International Patients for Coming Turkey

Tips for International Patients for Coming Turkey
08 Aug 2023

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    Turkey is known as one of the best destinations for holidays. The country’s historical heritage and peerless natural beauty have been attracting millions of people every year. There are countless reasons to visit Turkey as a cultural melting point of the World. Now, we can add these reasons to a new one: Health Tourism. There are many advantages of choosing Turkey for health tourism

    Health tourism is getting more popular in recent years. It provides many benefits to people, like having and holiday and becoming healthier at the same time. Health tourism saves people time as well, which is very precious in modem times.

    In this article, we first have a look at the advantages of choosing Turkey for health tourism and researching and selecting a suitable medical facility in Turkey. In the following part, we will mention preparing for your medical procedure, consultations, and medical records. In the final part, you will read about financial considerations, pricing, insurance, and payment options.

    Advantages of Choosing Turkey for Health Tourism

    Turkey is a beautiful country and people like her for many reasons. The country is a unique place for history lovers, and have long and peerless beaches for travelers all around the World. If you consider medical tourism in Turkey, some of the other advantages of choosing Turkey can be lined up as below:

    • Budget-friendly costs: Surgeries in Turkey can be significantly more affordable, with savings of up to 90%.Cosmetic procedures are 70% cheaper than in Europe, ensuring high-quality treatment at a fraction of the cost. Airline companies provide discounted fares, making it even more cost-effective for medical travelers. Why not combine your surgery with a holiday and enjoy the savings?
    • Experienced medical experts: The Turkish government provides all kinds of opportunities to move the health sector further. For example, the health infrastructure is being renewed and arrangements are made for more trained surgeons to continue serving in hospitals.
    • Good planning: As the country has a developed health system, from the first call till you go back to your home, everything is planned well, step by step which makes you very comfortable on several counts.
    • Friendly people: As a tradition, foreigners are always welcome in Turkey. You will make yourself home. However, you should know some main cultural etiquette in Turkey, for a better communication with local people.

    Researching and Selecting the Right Medical Facility in Turkey

    Selecting the right medical facility in Turkey is an important decision, so you should research multidimentionally. 

    Turkey has long been a top choice for medical tourism, especially for aesthetic procedures. Patients prioritize doctors, treatments, technology, expenses, financial status, accessibility, hygiene, and preferences. Health centers and hospitals offer comprehensive services and guidance to ensure a satisfactory experience in Turkey. 

    If you consider visiting Turkey as a health tourist, you may need some advice. Here are some tips that will help you to select the right medical facility in Turkey: 

    • Ask every detail about the hospital: As soon as you’ve called them, ask them questions like how long they are in the health sector and how many medical centers they have around the country. You can also ask how many employees they have and about their certifications.
    • Ask how experienced are their surgeons: This is one of the most important parts. Your surgeon must have experienced one in their field. Ask the hospital about that and learn about their previous experience.
    • Technology: This is another important factor when you consider going abroad for a health issue. Ask them about the technology they use in the procedures.
    • Planning: You can ask them how well they will make the travel arrangements for you.

    Preparing for Your Medical Procedure: Consultations and Medical Records

    There are some points for international patients to know before coming to Turkey for a medical procedure. These are necessary to provide you with better mobility and better health care after you arrive in the country. Some of the most important stages of your procedure can be considered medical consultations, medical reports, and documentation.

    These consultations, reports, and documentation allow you and the medical experts to understand your medical condition and treatment options. For the procedure to proceed better, you need to establish good communication with your specialist doctor too.

    Financial Considerations: Pricing, Insurance, and Payment Options

    Turkey is known for offering competitive prices for medical treatments, often significantly lower than many Western countries. Pricing and payment options are satisfactory in the country. 

    Secondly, you must review your insurance coverage for medical treatments abroad. Check with your insurance provider to understand what costs are covered and what documents are required for reimbursement. Many hospitals and clinics accept credit cards, wire transfers, or cash payments. Some facilities may also offer installment plans or financing options. Discuss the payment process at the beginning.

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