Skin blemishes are divided into two groups as congenital and acquired. The golden rule in skin blemishes treatment is the regular use of sunscreen.
Skin Blemishes Treatment with Chemical Peeling
It is one of the preferred methods for removing skin irregularities and blemishes. It is applied with fruit acids. 
It lasts about 15-20 minutes and is applied every 3 weeks. Slight redness and burning may occur following the application. It does not affect your daily activities and working life.
Skin Blemishes Treatment With PRP
PRP method is based on the principle of highlighting the major role of the platelets in tissue healing and blood coagulation. When the platelets are injected in a specific area, the blemishes tend to fade and acne scars are removed. Thanks to this methodi the skin becomes more vivid and bright. The healing process initiates quickly and consequently the tissue renewal is ensured. The first effects are noticed within 4 weeks following the application. It is recommended to avoid  being exposed to sunlight and applying much as possible. 

Permanent Makeup Applications
Permanent Makeup application which has become highly popular during the recent years roots back to 500 years ago as part of the Far Eastern culture. Permanent Makeup can be defined as the art of pigment colouring performed under the skin. It is most commonly applied in eyebrow, eye and lip areas.
Special needles are used to enter the skin. Local anaesthesia is applied depending on the application area. In other words, anaesthetic cream or gels are applied in sufficient quantities to numb the area to be treated. This will provide patient comfort during the operation.
Special dyes are used to colour pigments in Permanent makeup. These dyes are specially developed for permanent make-up purposes and are natural with a concentrated pigmentation rate that shall attune with the face. A wide variety of colours and contents are available, and these colours are mixed with each other to provide customized colour tones.



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