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İzmir, the 3rd largest and most developed province of Turkey, is also home to the best hospitals in the country. It is a complete metropolis with its advanced rail transportation systems and widespread transportation lines.

Its population is less than in Istanbul. It is quite cheap compared to Istanbul. Because it is a metropolitan city, its possibilities are quite high. Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, İzmir is a city where you can go to the beaches and visit historical places such as Ephesus before any surgical operation. Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures Performed in Izmir Ekol Hospitals

Six Pack Operation

The term six pack is used to refer to the abs in men. Six pack operation is one of the preferred methods for an aesthetic and fit appearance in the abdomen. Six pack operation is performed by specialist doctors in Turkey. For detailed information about the six pack operation, you can read the rest of the article.

What is Six Pack Aesthetics?

It is a body shaping operation applied to have a healthy, fit and muscular appearance. By removing the fat around the muscle tissue, the muscles are made clear. No external implants or other materials are applied to the body. It is an operation that only makes the muscles appear more prominent.

Who Is Six Pack Operation Suitable For?

It is an operation applied for people who do not have the desired healthy and sporty appearance and exercise and diets do not provide benefits.

When Will the Effect of Six Pack Operation Appear?

There will be a noticeable difference immediately after the six pack operation. Due to the edema and swelling that may occur after the operation, the desired body can be reached within 7 or 10 days.

What Should Be Done After Six Pack Surgery?

In Turkey, six pack surgery is performed by specialist physicians. You can experience a rapid recovery process after six pack surgery by paying attention to the recommendations and treatments that the doctors will recommend. After Six Pack surgery, a corset is given by your doctor, you can accelerate your healing process by wearing this corset.

What are the payment options?

For our patients who have had six pack surgery in Turkey, you can pay the full cost of the six pack operation in your country, or you can pay the down payment and pay the rest here.

What are the six pack surgery prices in Turkey? Where is the six pack operation performed in Izmir? You can contact us for all these questions and more.

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