International Patient Care Coordinator

As a highly experienced healthcare professional, Özge is a Registered Nurse with a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Business. She graduated from one of the best Nursing Schools in Turkey and additionally studied nursing in the United Kingdom. As she moved on her career, she added formal education and completed University of Istanbul, Graduate School of Business as the valedictorian of her class.

She practiced nursing in all fields of healthcare provision, taking leadership responsibilities. Her broad experience and skills enabled her to accumulate further perspectives in care coordination especially in the areas of in and outpatient clinics mainly in surgery, obstetrics, IVF, ophthalmology, emergency and operating theaters.

She was promoted to set up and coordinate care cycles, implementing technological tools and software for patient management, improvements in healthcare and patient outcomes as well as nursing education. She took leadership roles at high level hospital chains such as Acibadem Hospital, IVI Clinics as well as complete management of nursing as Nursing Director in various private hospitals in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey. During this times she has visited Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and educated nurses and implemented nursing care cycles.

In the last two years, Özge is taking the responsibility and leadership for the nursing services for the International Patients, on top of her overall responsibilities for organizational development and education as well as infection control.

Özge enjoys her accumulated experience combined with her skills and formal education with her passion for excellence in healthcare provision in a patient centric way.

She fluently speaks English and Spanish and manages electronic tools and system efficiently.

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