A mammogram is a medical term for an X-ray examination of the breast. Mammogram is used for complaints such as lump, pain, or discharge or for control purposes. Nothing definitive can be said about whether an area has cancer after a mammogram, but if there is serious doubt, the physician may request that tissue be taken for biopsy.

Advances in digital mammography technology have revolutionized in early diagnosis of breast cancer in women. Mammography has played a very important role in protecting the health of women under 50 years of age, who have dense breast tissue, and who are premenopausal or premenopausal.

In this article, we will answer the question, “What is Mammography?” We will also have a look at Ekol International Hospitals mammography machines and the expert team, in the second part. In the final part, you can read about the services offered by mammography.



What is Mammography?

A low-dose X-ray of the breast tissue is called a mammogram. Doctors use mammography to detect signs of breast cancer early before it develops. This mammogram is screening mammography. However, mammography is used for diagnosis after any symptoms. These symptoms may include changes in the skin of the breast, nipple discharge, pain, and lump.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women. Technologies for early detection of breast cancer, such as mammography, contribute to reducing cancer-related deaths. These have a major impact on increasing survival rates.

The newest types of mammography are digital mammography, computer-assisted detection, and breast tomosynthesis.

  • Digital mammography: Also known as full-field digital mammography (FFDM), is a method of mammography in which X-ray film is replaced by electronic devices that convert X-rays into mammographic pictures of the breast. The use of low radiation is an important advantage of this method.
  • Computer-assisted detection (CAD): CAD systems look for digitized mammographic images for areas of abnormal density, mass, or calcification that may indicate the presence of cancer. The CAD system alerts the radiologist by highlighting risky areas in the images.
  • Breast tomosynthesis: Three-dimensional mammography involves capturing multiple breast images from different angles and synthesizing them into a three-dimensional image set. 

Ekol Hospital Mammography Machines

As Ekol International Hospitals, we are located in Izmir, the third biggest city in the country. We are a certificated and experienced health group that provides healthcare to both Turkish citizens and people from all around the World. We use high technology in medical and cosmetic procedures and our mammography machines are designed and equipped with the newest technology in the healthcare field. 

A mammography procedure at Ekol International Hospital is very safe. Our medical experts and other medical staff are working hard to provide you with the best health care possible with our mammography procedure as well.

You will have an easy mammography procedure experience at Ekol International Hospitals. An average session can take half an hour.

Our Expert Team

Ekol International Hospitals has an experience going back a couple of decades. Our country, Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism, our healthcare group is one of the leading healthcare groups in Turkey. Our specialist mammography teams at Ekol International Hospitals are made up of highly skilled and expert professionals. Equipped with the latest technology, our team ensures successful mammography procedures with extensive training and experience.

Patient safety and comfort are our top priorities and we strictly adhere to the highest quality and hygiene standards. Our team works collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and timely reports, facilitating appropriate treatment planning.

You can rely on our competent mammography team to contribute to better patient outcomes and overall well-being by providing reliable and compassionate care.

Services Offered by Mammography

Mammography offers a range of essential services for breast health screening and diagnosis. Some of the services provided by mammography can be lined up as below:

  • Breast Cancer Screening: Mammograms are primarily used to screen for breast cancer in asymptomatic women. Regular screenings detect breast cancer at an early stage, increasing the chances of success.
  • Diagnostic Mammography: It is used for early diagnosis when a potential abnormality is detected during a scan or when a symptom such as a lump and discharge is encountered.
  • Image-Guided Breast Biopsy: Mammography allows tissue samples to be taken to determine whether a breast abnormality is cancerous or benign.
  • Breast Health Education: Mammography is used for education about breast health, breast self-examination, and the importance of regular screenings.
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