Head and Neck Surgery

Head and Neck Surgery

It is the unit where swelling, cyst, diagnosis of tumors, inflammation, mass, treatment and surgeries related to the thyroid, parathyroid gland, muscles, larynx and cartilages and other tissues in the head and neck region are performed. When necessary, the condition of our patients is evaluated by our doctors.

Head and neck pain, hoarseness, swelling, and our patients who smoke heavily are examined in detail, especially in terms of cancer, with flexible stroboscopy and endoscopy, as well as endoscopic examinations.

Thyroid gland diseases, which are common in our country, examination of nodules and cysts, blood tests, goiter, ultrasonography and ipne biopsy are performed. In addition to all examinations and drug treatments of thyroid diseases, the necessary operations in some extremely large nodules, goiter, and patients with a possible tumor are performed together with a team of relevant specialists. 

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