Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Explanations regarding the cookie data processed on the website managed by Ekol Hospital are included in this policy. When you visit our website, your personal data is collected for many different purposes through "cookies". You are informed about the use of cookies through the "banner" or "pop-up" that you encounter while using our site. If you accept the use of cookies specified in this information, you consent to the processing and use of cookies in this policy.

This policy was created to explain to you what cookies are and how we use them. We also explain the different types of cookies we use and how you can change or delete them.

What is a cookie?

A browser cookie is a piece of data stored on your device that helps the website remember information about you. Technologies associated with your other devices, such as internet storage and identifier, may be used for similar purposes. In this policy, we will refer to "Cookies" to discuss all other technologies.

For What Purposes Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to protect your data and account, identify the most popular features, count visits to a page, improve user experience, keep our services secure, make our website more user-friendly, tailor our website to your interests and needs, and engage in online behavioural advertising activities for our users. Cookies remember information about you to perform the functions mentioned above and, in this way, help us to provide these services to you.

Types of Cookies

Below we have listed the types of cookies we use on our website for you. Your personal data is processed through these cookies. For more detailed information, please review Aptiv Turkey's Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

A) Basic Cookies: Basic cookies are required to provide access to our website and for them to work as intended. It also enables you to benefit from the services and services connected to them. In the absence of essential cookies, our website will not be able to work smoothly for you, and some services you have requested may be interrupted.

Cookie Type

Why Do We Use This Cookie?


Session cookies are used to maintain the status of the application.

Load Balancing

Load balancing cookies are used to distribute assets worldwide and lighten server load.

User ID

User ID cookies are used to ensure that users only see their own information.


Security cookies are used for security controls and checks.


B) Preference Cookies: Preference cookies collect your personal data about your online behaviour and preferences and help us customize your use of the site by remembering your language option and other locale settings.

Cookie Type

Why Do We Use This Cookie?


Language cookies are used to store the language chosen by the user and show the correct options.


The approximate address of the user (city, state, country, zip code) determined by the IP address is retained to automatically select the appropriate country and show the retail and promotion days within that region. 


If the user is viewing the site on a mobile device, a cookie is sent to indicate that the main website or a non-Flash mobile website (i.e. that the device is compatible with Flash) has been selected.

Reference Site

The reference site is saved in order to better understand the user's preference.

Recent visit and activity

Last visit date, activity and other information is logged to provide users with an update on "what has changed since your last visit" and to better understand user preferences.

The latest viewed video

The date and title of the last viewed video are recorded to better understand the user's preferences.

Instant cookies

Cookies are used to track Facebook members for market research analysis and product development.

Page History

Page history cookies are used to track the order of the sites visited by the user. If the user receives a warning while visiting the site, the cookie information is recorded in the log file for error reporting and resolution. 


C) Social Plugin Tracking Cookies. These cookies are used for market research analysis and product development by monitoring social media users

Cookie Type

Why Do We Use This Cookie?


Cookies are used to track Facebook members for market research analysis and product development.


D) Analytics Cookies: They help us improve the working mechanism of the site by collecting information about your use of the site. For example, analytics cookies show the most visited pages on the site, the difficulties you encountered on the site, and whether the ads were effective. This shows us the usage patterns in general rather than showing the usage of a single person.

Cookie Type

Why Do We Use This Cookie?

Google Analytics

Google analytics cookies collect aggregated statistical data and contribute to the presentation and orientation of the site. Google supports aggregated data with demographic and interest information and helps us better understand our visitors.

E) Marketing Cookies: This type of cookie is used within the scope of marketing activities of company products or services.


Warum verwenden wir dieses Cookie?


It provides behavioural and targeted advertising.

Market Analysis

It conducts market analysis.


It measures the impact of campaigns.

Fraud Detection

It detects click fraud.


Managing Cookies

Many internet browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default. The same applies when we use our website, mobile sites or mobile applications. If you want to remove existing cookies from your device, you can do so using your browser options. In addition, if you do not want cookies to be placed on your device in the future, you can block cookies from your browser settings.

Please note that if you remove or block the cookies we use, it may have some effects on your user experience on our website and the site may no longer be usable. If you do not change your browser settings to block cookies, even if you have deleted our cookies before, our system will place a cookie when you visit our site or when you click on a link in an e-mail sent to you by us.


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